Erciyas Holding will further develop the 208-meter-long Hyperloop Pipeline produced for the TEKNOFEST – “Hyperloop Development Competition” held at the TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus. Emre Erciyas, Chief Executive Officer of Erciyas Holding, said continues to work on the functional prototype Hyperloop line of 5 kilometers. Aviation, Space and Technology Festival – TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest technology event, continues to meet with science and technology enthusiasts in different cities of Turkey.

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology competitions, the ‘Hyperloop Development Competition’, which was organized for the first time this year under the leadership of TÜBİTAK RUTE, was held in Kocaeli on 15-19 August. Erciyas Holding produced the 208-meter-long Hyperloop Pipeline for students to compete for their prototype vehicles in the organization where 16 teams from 38 universities competed. The Hyperloop Development Competition is designed as a technology-oriented competition that will enable undergraduate and graduate students to develop magnetic levitation and drive technologies and to gain knowledge on new generation transportation technologies.

Teams; They were evaluated in Capsule Design, Communication with Control Center, Propulsion System Design, Levitation System Design, Braking System and Racing Safety. In addition, they were scored in the Progress Report, Technical Design Report and Pre-Race Checklists, Remote Control and Capsule Movement headings.