Through the investments we have made in our manufacturing processes,

we are ready for Industry 4.0

Robotic welding

We manufacture aluminum and steel products with a 48 meter robotic welding system equipped with precise technology, providing precise tolerance and highest quality welding.

5-axis Machining Center (CNC) –

With 26 meters length, Turkey’s largest and modern machining center, we add value to our clients’ projects as cost, time and quality.


We have two laboratories specifically
designed for destructive and non-destructive testing for steel and coating
tests. Our laboratories are TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified and we are the only
laboratory in Turkey accredited in all methods of non-destructive testing as
ISO 17025.

Thanks to our advanced laboratories
with a machining center, we carry out our productions within the scope of the
most comprehensive inspections and quality controls. Our goal is to provide the
highest quality analyses and service in the industry to all our clients across
the globe. 

Our company wide focus on customer
satisfaction with our decades of expertise to meet new industry challenges as
well as new customer requirements. 

We are committed to providing our
customers with outstanding service, quality, and support.  

Shot blasting & painting facilities

  We have integrated our manufacturing processes with modern, eco friendly and well climatized 25 meters shot-blasting, painting and curing facilities.

Dedicated and highly skilled workforce

  We believe that the most important aspect of running a successful operation is the team you surround yourself with. For us, employees who are knowledgeable, committed, and trained well are likely to sky-rocket any company to the top ofthe industry.

As our founder says, having a skilled workforce is a non-negotiable if you want to ensure a smooth-running and successful business, because it maximizes profitability, insures safe and improved workplace wellness and creates a more innovative workforce.