Project Management

We have the capability to work as a general contractor or as a leader in joint ventures. Our approach is one-client-contact to guide the production phases, the warranty period along with the operation & maintenance periods. We work to solve each project’s challenges to meet the expectations of the client and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the project.

Maintenance and Repair

Our services provided do not end with system delivery, we also provide the best maintenance and repair regime across our globally used rolling stock.


With our sister logistics company, we provide a wide range of services in road, sea, railway and air transport through our experienced employees and solution-oriented approach. We are especially proud of providing reliable, economical and on-time door to door services with high annual handling volume and vast overseas agency network in heavy cargo and individual project transportation areas.


We offer Operational & Financial Leasing solutions for Rail Fleets. We collaborate with you to provide short and long term alternatives.