Industrial Solutions For A Sustainable Future

  • For us, sustainability means permanently creating value for all stakeholder groups: for customers, employees, and investors as well as for our business partners and society as a whole. Economic, environmental, and social responsibility go hand in hand, along the entire value chain.

  • In order to achieve long-term success, we need to live up to this responsibility.

  • With our ambition we are eager to design and produce even more fuel and cargo efficient rolling stocks.

Fuel Effiency​

On average, rail requires 12 times less energy and emits 7-11 times less Greenhouse Gas than road and air transportation vehicles, making it the most efficient mode of motorised transport

Compounded annual growth rate over the last 3 years

Carbon Emission Reduction
Carbon emission reduction targets of 30% by fiscal 2035, through our supply chain and material production
All our products are targeted to be produced by green suppliers. By this the product will not only be much greener to other modes of transportation but also the production will be beneficial to next generations


Envionmental protection is integral to our company philosphy. The world must continue to roll on.

Green Energy

A transition to green energy is about making an investment in our future.

As Erciyas, we’ve been very passionate about renewable energy for many years and its capacity to bring abundant clean, sustainable energy to millions.

Co2 emission reduction targets

Across Erciyas Rail, we have established long-term reduction targets for CO2 emissions

& reduced a significant 35% by fiscal 2035 throughout the value chain.

Waste management

To maximize resource value, while minimizing

& even eliminating - environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive we thrive upon waste management and recycling

Resource utilization

Resource utilization is a part of our whole process.

Using the rain water as water source, filtering used water in order to obtain clean water, using as much furniture as possible produced by recycled materials throughout our offices



We promise to operate with great regard to the quality of life of our employees, the local communities where we operate and society at large. We are committed to do business with sustainable benefits for all our stakeholders.


  • We are committed to create equal opportunities for the education of both our society and our employees. We work hard to provide support and educational resources to help prepare them for opportunities in international businesses for the future of our civilization.

  • We provide scholarships and necessary educational funding both internally and externally through donations for building schools, housing, laboratories to prominent educational institutions throughout Turkey.

  • Our vision is to provide resources for new generation to come.


Corporate governance is important for us because it creates a system of rules and practices that determines how a company operates and how it aligns the interest of all its stakeholders.


We believe and recognize that the diversity of our population is one of our greatest strengths and assets.

Not only do we recruit with equal opportunity, but we also are committed to ensuring that people are treated fairly and to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone to live, learn, work and relax. As Erciyas, we strive to ensure diversity and equality across the company’s employees – regardless of race, gender or belief.

Data privacy & protection

We have full responsibility to safeguard all personal information  

Cross disciplinary mentorship

Cross-disciplinary mentoring teams are intended to foster multidisciplinary networking and collaboration across units. We are ONE 


The Ethic Committee of Erciyas ensures the periodic

assessment and determining of the risk areas of legal compliance, developing the tools and monitoring mechanisms to assure the effectiveness and efficiency of the compliance activities to build a strong corporate culture.

Health, Safety and Security

Safety in the workplace saves lives… 

Health, Safety & Security – We take active steps to ensure that health, safety and security concerns are addressed throughout the planning, production, delivery and all operations.   

We work as a team to prevent any issue regading Health, Safety & Security by evaluating, inspecting and maintaining in a designated program.