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Building on our legacy of innovation to boldly redefine the possibilities

of freight transportation for the next generations to come.
Fuel Effiency​

On average, rail requires 12 times less energy and emits 7-11 times less Greenhouse Gas than road and air transportation vehicles, making it the most efficient mode of motorised transport

Compounded annual growth rate over the last 3 years

Carbon Emission Reduction
Carbon emission reduction targets of 30% by fiscal 2035, through our supply chain and material production
All our products are targeted to be produced by green suppliers. By this the product will not only be much greener to other modes of transportation but also the production will be beneficial to next generations


We start each action with a feeling of responsibility; then we design and manufacture everything in simplicity & appreciate each work day. These are the three pillars that we are built on. These three philosophies define our past, present and future. The philosophies we ensure with customer satisfaction in mind.

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Our aim is to Carry Life for a sustainable future

Chairman of the Board

K. Emre Erciyas

We are one of Europes leading provider of freight wagons for varios uses; liquid, container and bulk carrying.​

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